Blueprint Learning works with you to design strategic plans and frameworks that support you in moving from vision to reality in your context. We provide support through practical processes, change management stretegies and empowering from within.

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needs analysis

Thinking about implementing a new initiative?

Blueprint Learning works with you to identify all the variables that need to be considered in making your next step. Together we will map current practices and identify the conditions for success.

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facilitated planning

Starting on your new initiative or looking for new ways to take it further?

Blueprint Learning provides facilitated planning to identify goals and design a way forward. We work with you to gather data to inform the impact of your initiative, and map practical strategies for success.

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critical friend

Need a listening ear?

Blueprint Learning offers a critical friend service, whether you are a leader looking to process thinking in a safe space or an educator looking to push the boundaries. We ask provocative questions to move your thinking forward, work with you to analyse data to inform your next steps and give honest and targeted feedback.