Content Development: iPad in Early Learning & Care

Apple Education Australia

Development of a forty-five minute workshop for childcare educators. This included a facilitator run sheet, presentation slides and printable resources.

The workshop design included connections to the EYLF and early years theorists, and practical activities for educators.


Workshop: Beginning the Journey with Challenge Based Learning

Wandina Primary School

Provision of a full day experiential learning session for all teachers on the implementation of Challenge Based Learning in the classroom.

This workshop was presented in partnership with Lumos Learning.


Workshop: iPad in the 

Early Years Literacy Classroom

Apple Education Australia

Provision of a half day hands-on professional learning session connecting the Western Australian English curriculum with creative iPad use. 

This workshop included practical ideas to support young learners in leading heir own learning in oral language, reading and writing in the K-2 classroom.                        


Content Development: iPad & K-2 Numeracy

Apple Education Australia

Design of a half day K-2 Numeracy workshop utilising iPad. This included a facilitator run sheet, presentation slides and an activity guide.

The workshop design included activities incorporating number & algebra, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability outcomes for K-2.


Workshop: iPad in the 

Early Years Classroom

Apple Education Australia

Event support for the iPad in the Early Years day and delivery of the Pre-K to PP Literacy breakout workshop.

This breakout workshop introduced an iPad creative toolbox for use in the early years literacy classroom.


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Content Development: Inspiration Stations

Apple Education Australia

Development of twelve demonstration videos for an Apple Education event. These iPad classroom tasks target Years 3-6.

The demonstration videos show how to achieve a target workflow using a combination of apps. Each video illustrates the process step-by-step.

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Workshops: Capture the Concept

Corpus Christi College

Two, spaced, ninety minute after school workshops focusing on the use of Keynote, Screen Recording and iMovie to create short instructional videos.

These workshops included hands on learning experiences with each of the tools, design guidelines and time to work on a personal project.

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Content Development: School ICT Strategic Plan Framework


Development of an ICT strategic plan template for use with schools. This included mapping of a target school against the framework.

This template was designed to address the WA Curriculum ICT General Capabilities, Digital Technology learning area and AITSL Frameworks. 

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Content Development: 


We are Makers 

Starfish Maker, Thailand

Design of a two day low-tech Maker Space professional learning event. This included a facilitator run sheet, presentation slides and printable resources.

This workshop included STEAM, design thinking and practical strategies for setting up and implementing a maker space.


Workshop: Apple Distinguished Schools

Apple Education Australia

Provision of a half day event supporting schools renewing their application to be an Apple Distinguished School.

This workshop included a range of reflection activities utilising the Innovation in Schools framework.


Content Development: Transcribing and Copywriting

Apple Education Marketing Australia

Transcribing of education interviews and drafting and editing copy for a target audience.

This job developed short, focused stories for the education market.


Coaching: What's Your Story?

Corpus Christi College

Two, half day sessions working with key staff on developing and presenting their stories of transformative technology use.

The workshops involved crafting a story and story presentation skills. There was a strong, hands-on component with all participants being filmed as part of the journey.