Workshop Content

The resources on this page have been designed to support professional learning workshops provided by Blueprint Learning. You will require a password (provided at the event) to access these resources.

Animations for Learning with Keynote

Discover ways to leverage the transition and animation effects in Keynote to:

  • provide a framework for organising content, enabling students to build a schema to store their learning.

  • Reduce cognitive load through the careful use of simple moving graphics to visualise procedures, concepts, processes and principles.

  • Provide engaging visuals that hold the attention of students.

Craft a Great Workshop

Explore the needs of adult learners and unpack strategies that:

  • engage participants

  • inform participants of new content

  • involve participants in experimenting with new learning

  • support participants in applying the learning to their own context.

Leading Innovative Pedagogy

Reflect on the journey of your school’s ICT program through the lens of innovative pedagogies. Explore practical strategies for 1:1 programs, Digital Technologies, Makerspaces and STEM. Look at ways to take all staff on the journey of elevating learning with technology.